Some speculation is starting to make the rounds

One of the early “cattle calls” for Republicans who want to follow President Bush into the White House is apparently being hosted by Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell.

A steady stream of early contenders for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination have been popping in and out of Ohio during the gubernatorial campaign to have their pictures taken with Ken Blackwell.

Many in the party (including Blackwell) believe he will achieve celebrity status in the GOP if elected the first Republican African-American governor since Reconstruction.

And those same Republicans believe a Gov. Blackwell might even make a credible running mate for one of them. Blackwell has said nothing to dissuade such talk.

Wouldn’t be surprising. Ken Blackwell has shown a remarkable level of political opportunism thruout his career. My question is this: why should Ohioans elect a Governor who would jump ship just two years later if given the chance?

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