From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ted Strickland’s campaign is sending out free bumper stickers. I’ve already got mine on my car, much to the chagrin of my Republican father-in-law. What are you waiting for – annoy your conservative family members today!

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TBD & Blackwell, 2008?

On September 13, 2006 By

Some speculation is starting to make the rounds

One of the early “cattle calls” for Republicans who want to follow President Bush into the White House is apparently being hosted by Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell.

A steady stream of early contenders for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination have been popping in and out of Ohio during the gubernatorial campaign to have their pictures taken with Ken Blackwell.

Many in the party (including Blackwell) believe he will achieve celebrity status in the GOP if elected the first Republican African-American governor since Reconstruction.

And those same Republicans believe […]

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Deborah Pryce scores a win in court

On September 13, 2006 By

A federal court yesterday upheld Ken Blackwell’s ruling that Charles R. Morrison II cannot run in the general election as an independent, challenging Mary Jo Kilroy (D) and incumbent Deborah Pryce (R). Morrison has called the race choosing “the lesser of two liberals”.

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Voinovich: we need a war tax

On September 13, 2006 By

Senator Voinovich is putting Republicans facing election this year under pressure and is calling for a temporary “war tax”.

At a Senate hearing where Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff testified, Voinovich said Congress should approve “a temporary increase in our taxes” to pay for the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and to defend the nation against terrorist attacks.

Christopher Paulitz, a Voinovich spokesman, said the senator has not introduced a bill to raise taxes and “doesn?t have anything specific in mind. What he?s trying to do is get people?s attention that we can?t keep promising everything under the […]

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(Why can’t I come up with clever titles? Sigh.)

Yesterday’s primary in Maryland was plagued by all kinds of problems with the new (Diebold) election equipment. Ohio election experts wonder if we face the same fate.

Voters in Baltimore and suburban Washington had to wait or were turned away from the voting booth because computer cards were not delivered to several precincts. While those mistakes apparently were caused by human error, Huefner said, Ohioans should not discount the possibility that similar checks and balances might be overlooked as many voters encounter electronic machines for the first time.

Does […]

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Naugle’s meltdown, part deux

On September 13, 2006 By

Blackwell blogger Naugle’s nuclear explosion wasn’t contained, and has spread beyond the “Republicans for Strickland” press conference and on to “teh internets”. Naugle, apparently quite miffed after the presser, appears to have gone back to work and posted an entry attacking Saxby on Blackwell’s blog.

Rocky is a Republican who has made a fortune at the trough of state government

Unfortunately for Naugle, Saxby is Blackwell’s lawyer. Saxby made his money “at the trough of state government” defending Ken Blackwell from his own incompetence.


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