COLUMBUS ? Volunteers preparing for today’s “Republicans for Strickland” press conference at the statehouse were confronted by Matt Naugle, Blackwell’s official campaign blogger, and another young Blackwell staffer.

They had a message for one of the Republicans scheduled to appear at the event:: “Tell Rocky that his father would be rolling over in his grave if he knew he was supporting Strickland”.

The message was passed along to Charles “Rocky” Saxbe, the son of William Saxbe, Richard Nixon’s Attorney General.

When the press conference started, Rocky shared the story with the media, adding: “When I spoke to my father this morning, he didn’t seem to be too upset about it.”

Naugle was later kicked out of the press area

Naugle’s response?

“Go Fuck Yourself”

  • dirtgirl

    this is what happens when you assign kids to do the work of grown-ups.

    After the presser, Naugle went back to the office and blogged about how Rocky Saxbe’s state contracts show he’s part of the corrupt system in Ohio. Problem is, Saxbe is Blackwell’s attorney at the SoS office. Oops.

    Can these guys do anything right?

  • Wow, has all the fun we made of Matt finally getting to him?

  • You cannot become a governor if the type of folks you hire to project your image behave that way. Every self-respecting Republican needs to condemn that kind of nastiness and immaturity. I know I shouldn’t be shocked by it, but I am.

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