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Tiberi Opponent Joins Fellow Democrats To Unveil Plan

Columbus, Ohio: Bob Shamansky, Democratic nominee for the Ohio?s 12th Congressional District, joined Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) and fellow Democrats on the steps of the Ohio State House to unveil their
plans for meaningful healthcare reform.

“The people of the 12th Congressional District know that America?s healthcare system is completely broken and that fundamental changes need to be made,” said Shamansky. “In my opinion, it is just plain wrong for anyone who works hard and play by the rules to go without healthcare or be driven into bankruptcy by healthcare costs.”

Shamansky, along with Democratic challengers Robin Weirauch of the 5th Congressional District, Lewis Katz of the 14th Congressional District, and Mary Jo Kilroy of the 15th Congressional District, joined with Representative Kaptur to unveil the four point plan:

  • Healthcare coverage should be affordable to all Americans
  • Healthcare coverage costs should be contained
  • Proposed healthcare plans must guarantee choice of doctors
  • Proposed healthcare plans must prioritize the role of preventive medicine.

“The Bush Administration?s approach to healthcare is the same as their approach to taxes?give big breaks to the wealthiest Americans?and let everyone else fend for themselves,” Shamansky said. “Congressional rubberstamps, like Pat Tiberi, have given the drug companies billions of dollars in extra profits?while sticking the taxpayers of the nation with the bill.”

Bob Shamansky is a lifelong Central Ohio resident, lawyer, and local businessman. He served as a Special Agent in the United States Army Counter Intelligence Corps during the Korean War and as a Member of Congress representing Ohio?s 12th Congressional District from 1981-1983. He is facing Rep. Patrick Tiberi (R-Genoa Twp.) as the Democratic nominee in the 12th Congressional District.

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