In a recent article (Ohio’s system needs a lot of work) “guest columnist” Ken Blackwell writes: “Ohio’s child protection system can be as dysfunctional, broken and fractured as the families it serves.”

JKB loves to point out the faults and failures of other government agencies (e.g. Turnpike Commission, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation)? right before he tries to sell them to private investors.

He REALLY thinks there is some kind of “magic” or “power” in the private sector that can fix anything.

Ken is a man of faith.

Personally, I need to see some proof.

And hey- I’m willing to give the whole privatization thing a fair chance.

But the turnpike? No. That is too easy.

Let’s start with something way more fucked up?

A Cuyahoga County study released today called Ohio’s voting problems ” so severe that it’s unlikely they can be completely fixed by November, or even by the 2008 presidential election”.

And, since Ken blew all of the $30 MILLION from the federal government that was suppose to ‘help America vote’, the chances for success are pretty slim.

So today, on Plunderbund, I make this promise:

I will support Ken Blackwell’s plan to sell the Secretary of State’s office?


If the new owners can fix Ohio’s voting problems by 2008, I will support ANY privatization plan Ken can think of in the future.

Good luck, Mr. Blackwell.