Yes, you read that right. I lucked out and came through with a threesome who will take over duties here blogging and carrying the Plundertorch to eventual victory against all things right-wing….Damnit….I promised my daughter I wouldn’t cry and look at me. [sniff]

It really has been fun – not including my gaffes. Thanks again and let me real quickly introduce you to the Plundercrew:

Brian, Joseph, and Jerid. These three have been branded part of the Order of the Plunderbund and are hereby sworn to uphold the following:

  • To call bullshit early and often that which smells like the feces of a bull
  • To boldly go with verbose vitriol and furious vengeance where few bloggers dare to go
  • To use sarcasm and irony with abandon
  • To pound incessantly on idiotic right-wing bloggers, campaign staff, candidates, and anyone else who dares to confront the Plundercrew
  • To have a jolly good fucking time doing it all

They will shortly tell you more about themselves (as much as they want you to know) in their first posts. I’ll end by telling you that this will indeed be my final post. It’s all theirs. I’ve given them the keys. Have fun boys. Keep it between the lines and burn some rubber if you want. She’s all yours!

I’m out,


PS – One more for the trio to uphold: dance on barstools as it moves you.

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