Remember the DeWine cookie cutter Chamber ad? Guess what?

[cue Gomer Pyle] “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

via PD: Drug industry group helped pay for ads backing DeWine and others

Washington – The pharmaceutical industry quietly footed the bill for at least part of a recent multimillion-dollar ad campaign praising lawmakers, including Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio, who support the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, according to political officials.

You don’t say!

Aides to Rep. Sherrod Brown, the Avon Democrat challenging DeWine for re-election, said it’s logical that PhRMA would help DeWine and other lawmakers.

“Mike DeWine has received more than $300,000 from prescription drug companies in campaign contributions” over his congressional career, “and voted their interests in Congress,” said Joanna Kuebler, Brown’s communications director. “That PhRMA would reward him by paying for a campaign ad is no surprise.”

Bought and paid for folks! Bought and paid for.

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