Update: Russell on new DeWine ad – is Mike retarded or drunk?

Well, since Mikey got his ass handed to him with the last attack ad, he has decided to take the weiner route and sit on a porch and tout “bipartisanship”. Has anyone that’s been paying attention noticed any “bipartisanship” lately? I keep remembering vote after vote getting crammed down our throats – the ones that matter at least – complete with middle of the night armtwisting. Bipartisanship’s ass!

Mikey is a Bush puppet, taking embattled Bush fundraising money and voting time after time for the agenda of this administration that has set us on a dangerous course to global conflict and reduced U.S. influence worldwide.

Hell, listen to the master himself Karl Rove talk about “Stalwart Mike”:

?We want to do everything we can to get this good man back in here ? He is a loyal stalwart ? He’s voted for our judges. He’s supported our budgets. He’s supported our tax cuts. He’s supported our education reforms. He supported the Patriot Act. He supported legal reform. This guy has been a loyal and strong supporter of the president.? [Gannett News, 10/1/05]

Here’s the new ad:

I’m just so glad we’re all working together to solve all our problems. Aren’t you? Awww…

Brown camp AdWatch pdf (lots of reasons to call bullshit on this lilly livered piece of crap porch routine)