Never let it be said that Republicans are anti-environment. It appears they really love PLANTS! OK, so maybe they are anti-environment. Turns out the kind of plants they like are the ones they mix in as “citizens” or “activists”, when their true identity is much more like “shill”, apologist”, or “donor”.

The biggest national story was that of Rockey Vaccarella, a Katrina victim who had a Sheehan-like trek to Washington to get a meeting with the President. Difference being ‘ole Rockey was a Bush ass-kisser and (shock of shocks) GOT A MEETING with der Bushmeister. Funny thing is Rockey is a Republican who ran for office. I wonder what his reward will be. What a joke. Good thing we got Media Matters. Mmmm, blog food. Yum!

There are some homegrown “plants” as well. First is Blackwell’s “registered nurse from Huber Heights”, who turns out to be a wingnut campaign manager. Next is Nathan Esruth, who “showed up at a park Saturday morning to hear the blue people“. Turns out Mr Estruth has given thousands of dollars to Ken Blackwell and Republicans according to SoS campaign finanace filings. (hat tip BSB)


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