Add a new nickname for our favorite corrupt Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate (the “guber” part is spot on): Copycat. We’ve already established the flip flop flipper part relatively well. Now it seems Krazy Kenny Blackwell is so nervous about getting his proverbial ass kicked in November that he is resorting to stealing Dem ideas – you know, those guys that don’t have any? The Dems?

Well, it seems the Republican well of ideas is so dry they now have to take Democrat ideas and make them their own. Problem is, the Strickland camp beat them by about a week. So now – look for this today – the Blackwell camp is going to try to bolster language they stole from Dems to try and “out healthcare” us. LOL. It really is sad.

Strickland on 8/17:

Utilizing a Medicaid waiver that offers matching federal funds, the state will subsidize the insurance premiums of Ohioans who are not eligible for Medicaid and make up to 150% of the federal poverty level. This voluntary program will not take any additional Ohio tax dollars to fund and builds on best practices being used in several other states.

Blackwell today:

In the area of health care, Blackwell said Ohio should be using its “political muscle” in Washington to lobby for waivers to enable the state to tailor Medicaid to its individual needs, as Massachusetts, Wisconsin and other states have done.

Now, here’s the best part. The Blackwell camp is accusing Strickland of stealing their plan:

Though he is expected to roll out the details of his health-care plan today in Cleveland, Blackwell gave an indication Wednesday of what it will be at a leadership meeting of the Ohio Farm Bureau.

His opponent, Democrat Ted Strickland, also addressed the Farm Bureau gathering, but stuck closer to farm issues. Strickland announced his health-care plan last week. A spokesman for Blackwell accused Strickland of stealing some of Blackwell?s ideas.

Uh, pardon mon francaise, but how the FUCK do you steal ideas from a plan whose details have not even been announced yet? Maybe I spoke too soon on my “Damn, son”(tm) Award. This might just get it. Damn, son! Watch Cleveland close today and see who really is the idea thief. I guess when you are 25 points down you get really, REALLY desperate!

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