…you could almost make this a Dr. Seuss post with that title (and maybe it is).

Could Paul Hackett be headed back to Iraq? Sure sounds like the odds are good:

Paul Hackett, an attorney from Cincinnati, thinks his background as a civil affairs specialist makes him a prime candidate for an involuntary recall, as there is a shortage of Marines like him. Two weeks ago, he received a packet from the Navy requesting updated information for a security clearance — a sign, he believes, that a recall order could be coming.

I believe there is probably plenty of pressure from wingnuts wanting to silence their worst media nightmare related to Iraq. I can assure you that Van Taylor is lobbying hard for it. Praying even.

The fact that Paul would go no hesitation makes the point that Andrew Warner missed last week: military life is about service and you don’t individually pick and choose your own battles.

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