I gotta say, I just LOVE this. This is the kind of creativity I love to see in campaigns:

Before Chabot’s late-afternoon event, Cranley will be in Price Hill, trying to make a point about Chabot and his support for the Bush administration’s energy plan, which Cheney helped draft.

From 11 to 11:30 this morning, Cranley will be at Bob’s Marathon station at West Eighth Street and Trenton Avenue, where, for that half-hour, gasoline will be sold at $1.26 per gallon, the price of gas in August 2001, when Chabot voted for the energy bill.

The regular price now is $2.69 and Cranley said he would reimburse Bob’s out of his campaign fund for the cost difference during that half hour.

“While I’m doing that, Steve Chabot will be busy filling up his coffers with the help of Cheney, who pushed through huge subsidies for the oil companies,” Cranley said.

HT ME at BSB and Ohio’s First

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