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Apparently, tinfoil comes in blue and red now:

A little-known candidate in New Hampshire’s Second District congressional race says the American government had a role in the September 11th terrorist attacks and criticized the media for not reporting on it.

Republican Mary Maxwell of Concord told The Telegraph said the government was complicit in the attack so it could make Americans hate Arabs and allow the military to bomb Muslim nations such as Iraq. She also says the attacks were meant to make Americans more willing to accept laws that restrict civil liberties.

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So we ended up in a PR cage match on healthcare today, pitting Krazy Kenny Blackwell versus Ted “Turnaround” Strickland. Kenny got a Teducation by doing the look over the shoulder routine. Too bad us big bad bloggers were watching. The old flip flop flipper got busted, to be sure.

What was the answer from the Krazy Kenny Klan? Basically copy Ted BUT (big but) add in a personal mandate. No, I’m sorry, it’s not a mandate (though it would be required) – it’s just a requirement for “personal responsibility”. Implied here is that the 10% of […]

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I gotta say, I just LOVE this. This is the kind of creativity I love to see in campaigns:

Before Chabot’s late-afternoon event, Cranley will be in Price Hill, trying to make a point about Chabot and his support for the Bush administration’s energy plan, which Cheney helped draft.

From 11 to 11:30 this morning, Cranley will be at Bob’s Marathon station at West Eighth Street and Trenton Avenue, where, for that half-hour, gasoline will be sold at $1.26 per gallon, the price of gas in August 2001, when Chabot voted for the energy bill.

The regular price now […]

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Hack Back To Iraq?

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…you could almost make this a Dr. Seuss post with that title (and maybe it is).

Could Paul Hackett be headed back to Iraq? Sure sounds like the odds are good:

Paul Hackett, an attorney from Cincinnati, thinks his background as a civil affairs specialist makes him a prime candidate for an involuntary recall, as there is a shortage of Marines like him. Two weeks ago, he received a packet from the Navy requesting updated information for a security clearance — a sign, he believes, that a recall order could be coming.

I believe there is probably plenty of […]

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Never let it be said that Republicans are anti-environment. It appears they really love PLANTS! OK, so maybe they are anti-environment. Turns out the kind of plants they like are the ones they mix in as “citizens” or “activists”, when their true identity is much more like “shill”, apologist”, or “donor”.

The biggest national story was that of Rockey Vaccarella, a Katrina victim who had a Sheehan-like trek to Washington to get a meeting with the President. Difference being ‘ole Rockey was a Bush ass-kisser and (shock of shocks) GOT A MEETING with der Bushmeister. Funny thing is […]

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Add a new nickname for our favorite corrupt Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate (the “guber” part is spot on): Copycat. We’ve already established the flip flop flipper part relatively well. Now it seems Krazy Kenny Blackwell is so nervous about getting his proverbial ass kicked in November that he is resorting to stealing Dem ideas – you know, those guys that don’t have any? The Dems?

Well, it seems the Republican well of ideas is so dry they now have to take Democrat ideas and make them their own. Problem is, the Strickland camp beat them by about […]

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