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Which Ken Blackwell Is It?

Columbus, Ohio – Ken Blackwell was quite an athlete growing up, but who would have guessed he would be so flexible in middle age?

Blackwell weighed in with his third position this year on the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax this week, telling the Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce that it should be eliminated. This after previously saying it needed to stay after previously saying it must go.

“Mr. Blackwell has long since broken our trust,” said Strickland for Governor spokesman Keith Dailey. “Throughout his career, Mr. Blackwell has been a man of contradictions. He’s against abortion but was an investor in the morning after pill. He’s against gambling but was an investor in slot machines. He’s an outspoken critic of the ethics of Bob Taft but he gladly attends his fundraisers. There are at least two sides to every issue, and Mr. Blackwell’s taken all of them.”

A head-spinning journey through Mr. Blackwell’s past statements on the CAT reveal a man attempting to play political Twister.

February 2006

“‘What would make someone create a new tax on commercial activity when we need more commercial activity?’ Blackwell asked during a rally at Lima?s Veterans Memorial Civic Center. ‘That CAT must go.'”–Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/17/2006

May 2006

“just weeks after securing his party?s nomination, Blackwell showed no signs of wanting to kill the CAT… Blackwell said fellow Republicans who run the General Assembly told him months ago that the CAT must stay… ‘I basically have said here is an area where I?ve faced reality,’ he said.”–Cleveland Plain Dealer, 5/16/2006

June 2006

“Mr. Blackwell fought the Commercial Activity Tax before passage, and for a year he championed a ballot measure to restrict state and local spending. He now says he’ll live with an amended CAT tax and a statutory spending limit.”–Toledo Blade, 6/21/2006

August 2006

“[Blackwell] favors a flat income tax, eliminating the newly created Commercial Activity Tax, or CAT, on business activity, and privatizing the Ohio Turnpike to generate capital.”–Associated Press, 8/21/06

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