Update: Alternet wins the headline award on this one (makes me green): Hackett manhandles GOP talking-points action figure

The question: Would you take this guy on?

hardball hack

The answer: Fuck no! (or that’s what Van Taylor is thinking about now)

(ht C&L)

This definately merits my “Damn son!” award of the month. The contrast is breathtaking. Wow…and damn, son!

  • Hackett was awsome last night wasnt he. Actually so was Chris Matthews he ate Van Taylor for lunch.

  • I agree Joe.
    I’d expect Hackett to kick Ass, however to see Matthews driving home points was a pleasant surprise.

  • I didn’t expect Matthews to show any will against Taylor, but wow. And then there’s Mr. Hackett. Breathtaking, as always.

  • Muffet

    Yep. Poor guy looked like he might cry.

  • Eric, the most stunning part of this clip is how it confirms Paul Hackett’s ability to take something that he knows, that he feels, that he’s lived, and use that knowledge, that experience and that emotion to complete annihilate whomever tries to spin reality for the sake of a sound bite or other politically expedient line of blather. It’s just like writing good essays: when you can take what you know, what’s happened to you and apply it universally, you are going to connect every time. Candidates like Van Taylor will come off looking like the empty, vapid ambitious political wannabees they are because even they don’t connect with what they’re saying – it’s only words to them. To Paul Hackett, it’s real and it’s life – ours as well as the Iraqis. Is there any question, especially after a watching a clip like this, that Hackett is a far more formidable force on a national scale with this specific set of issues (war in Iraq, military approaches, fighting terror etc.) than he might have been in representing all of Ohio’s issues? I just think that having to know and fight for all that Ohio needs dilutes that power that Hackett shows when you see him speak like he does in that clip. Excellent job.

  • Eric


    That is a VERY good point and you are right on. Hackett is most helpful when he’s in his element like this. I’m just really (REALLY) glad he didn’t say “business end of an M16 again”. His only fault is that he sometimes relies on the same lines over and over.

  • Shalom Eric,

    What Jill said.

    I thought was going to pee myself I was laughing so hard. Talk about bringing pocket knife to gun fight. If it had gone on another 30 seconds I’d swear tears would have flowed from that sorry waste of human genome’s eyes.

    And damn it, didn’t Hackett come out on a high note for his endorsement of Brown. He almost convinced me to vote for him.



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