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Missing Mr. Ryan

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Tim Ryan. Of all the things I missed out on while away in the mountains, THIS was the biggest disappointment. Yes, I missed the big Sherrod Brown interview, but the steam was kinda going out on that for a while now – I hated to miss that one as well, but there is something about this Ryan guy. Listening to Tim is like listening to good jazz. You sit comfortably and know everything is gonna be alright, while finding yourself smiling without knowing it. Head on over to MTB and check it out. Support MTB in any way you […]

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via email from Strickland camp:

Which Ken Blackwell Is It?

Columbus, Ohio – Ken Blackwell was quite an athlete growing up, but who would have guessed he would be so flexible in middle age?

Blackwell weighed in with his third position this year on the Ohio Commercial Activity Tax this week, telling the Central Ohio Chambers of Commerce that it should be eliminated. This after previously saying it needed to stay after previously saying it must go.

“Mr. Blackwell has long since broken our trust,” said Strickland for Governor spokesman Keith Dailey. “Throughout his career, Mr. Blackwell has […]

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Update: Alternet wins the headline award on this one (makes me green): Hackett manhandles GOP talking-points action figure

The question: Would you take this guy on?

The answer: Fuck no! (or that’s what Van Taylor is thinking about now)

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This definately merits my “Damn son!” award of the month. The contrast is breathtaking. Wow…and damn, son!

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