I return to this? Bush pitifully trying to hold up old imagery about Iraq and spin mercilessly like an F5 tornado on the Texas panhandle? Please tell me there is more. I know there is…I’m catching up!

(NYT) Mr. Bush said the United States would not leave Iraq until ?the mission is complete.? To depart early, he said, would only stir more violence in the region, and weaken the security of America in the long term. Mr. Bush also sought to portray the war as a moral issue. ?And if we ever give up the desire to help people who live in freedom, we will have lost our soul as a nation as far as I?m concerned,? he said.

What mission would that be, sir? “FuckifIknow”, Bush was rumored to have said when asked. The mission to stay the course I guess. This is just to the point of laughable, really.

I love the new wording of “Saddam had the capability to build WMDs”. LOVE THAT! Turned out he had none, but he was capable! Remember that the next time the state trooper pulls you over and says to you: “Son, I know you were NOT speeding, but I also realize you are quite capable and I’m going to have to write you a ticket. That car will do 120 easy and your foot was right down there ready to hit the floor”. That would be the world we’d live in if Bush-logic were allowed to prevail. Luckily it appears we are waking up from the long sleep of fear and coming to terms with the lies.

It is also interesting to hear the cause of freedom is now the main objective in Iraq. You need to be a wee bit more sly if you’re gonna pull a bait and switch like that. Just a wee bit.

To now hear Bush praise the merits of “the international community” concerning Lebanon is, well, laughable. What a screw up this guy and his whole team is. Time to send a message, a “mandate” even. Mark Adams makes some good points today about how to send the message that needs sending.

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