Starting at 7am tomorrow morning I’ll be on vacation. Headed out to the mountains to chill in a cabin with the most amazing woman you’ve ever met, who I’ll be married to for 10 years here soon. No phone. No lights. No motorcars. Not a single luxury. We’ll also be making solid attempts to reconnect in meaningful ways as we approach an important milestone in our lives together.

I’ll be glad to leave it all behind for a bit until returning to what will probably be general election hysteria when I return. While I’m gone, keep up the fight for the good guys, OK? I’ll see ya’ll then!


[Drinking Liberally: For those interested, I won’t be able to make it tonight. Have fun those who make it out!]

  • enjoy!

  • DMWW

    awww have fun! we’ll miss you

  • Have a good time, my friend. I know I could use a vacation…

  • Have fun your guys and happy anniversary! Sounds like a perfect place to me.

  • Enjoy yourself and congrats on the 10 years.

  • Muffet

    It looks like a perfectly wonderful space to spend some special time together. Enjoy.

  • BetsyMcCall

    Have a great vacation, you deserve it! Happy Anniversary!

  • Enjoy yourselves and cheers to the next 10.

  • Hey, we’ve got 8 years coming…oh, dear God, that’s next Monday.

    Enjoy. Mountains and woods have a way of clearing the head. May I suggest the Shaver’s Fork of the Cheat for the future. Mountains, woods, and a cold stream 100 feet the door. Heaven.

  • Jerid

    Enjoy the anniversary Eric! Boy, you’ve got some interesting news to catch up on when you get back.

  • Alan Harvard

    Wow – it’s 10:20pm on a Friday night – I am at work still – but I just flipped over to check out your blog and man – that pic of the cabin is a dream come true.

    Pain me green.

    (green with envy – you short-bus kids may not understand the color thing)

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