Interesting piece from Hallet and Ruskind today on what can be taken away from Ohio in the Lieberman loss to Lamont. It is interesting to see the world “purge” come up multiple times from wingnuts – must be on a talking point memo!

I think the only real take away in this is that voters continue to be unhappy with the Iraq war: getting in it, mismanaging it, and overall lies and expectations that were over-sold and under-delivered. I side with Herb Asher when he contends both sides are overreaching for a conclusion to draw. I also fear this race will take focus away from us and what we have to get done here in Ohio. We all will pay attention to it because it is interesting, but we shouldn’t let it distract us.

The other point about the Iraq war is that this was a Dem primary, not a general election – BUT the latest polling nationwide shows the dissapprove/approve numbers at 60/40 on the Iraq war. Being too closely associated with George Bush and the failed Iraq war will not be a good thing – this is why they are all “independent voices” with no sign of Republican anywhere near them. The R is a scarlet letter this time around! Add to that the prevailing prejudice against incumbents this cycle. It’s gonna be tough for the wingnuts and they know it. Why else would we be talking about Mexicans and gays?