You remember the cartoon “Baseball Bugs” featuring the Gashouse Gorillas and the Tea Totalers? Bugs takes over and plays every position. Encouraging himself on as pitcher, catcher Bugs shouts out “That’s the old pepper, boy! That’s the old pitchin’!”

That is the scene that popped into my head when I read this snippet about the recent “debate” between Sherrod Brown and Republican Mike Dewine:

…Then the subject turned to free trade, and incumbent Republican Mike DeWine tried to use former President Bill Clinton’s support of the North American Free Trade Agreement against his Democratic challenger, and a civil sort of chaos ensued.

The challenger, U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown, cut the senator off. “A little difference between us,” said Mr. Brown, a NAFTA opponent, “[is] that I stood up to the president of my own party as a freshman member in 2003 and put my reputation on the line ? something that Mike really never does, taking on the president of his own party, on any major issue.”

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