From the daily archives: Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror Threats? Nuh Uh!

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Say it ain’t so! Just in time to build up the fear for the midterms. Lovely. The White House takes immediate opportunity:

“This is an ongoing investigation that will play out over several days and weeks,” White House spokesman Tony Snow said Thursday morning.

At least a couple months, right Tony?

Here is the point that is proven by all this, including the local stories. Iraq has jack fucking all to do with these events. You will no doubt now hear how all that we are doing in Iraq and all that Israel is doing in Lebanon […]

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The Duality of Max Cleland

On August 10, 2006 By

When one reads how Max got behind Joe Lieberman – going so far as to let Joe compare himself to Max – you have to then wonder how this jives:

“Because if you don’t get this thing right – you’re spending $8 billion a month in Iraq – you’ll never be able to reinvest in the infrastructure of America,” Cleland said during an interview at a Brown campaign stop in Mansfield on Tuesday morning.

$8 billion a month that Joe supports spending. Get your story straight Max.

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You remember the cartoon “Baseball Bugs” featuring the Gashouse Gorillas and the Tea Totalers? Bugs takes over and plays every position. Encouraging himself on as pitcher, catcher Bugs shouts out “That’s the old pepper, boy! That’s the old pitchin’!”

That is the scene that popped into my head when I read this snippet about the recent “debate” between Sherrod Brown and Republican Mike Dewine:

…Then the subject turned to free trade, and incumbent Republican Mike DeWine tried to use former President Bill Clinton’s support of the North American Free Trade Agreement against his Democratic challenger, and a civil sort […]

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Learning From Lieberman

On August 10, 2006 By

Interesting piece from Hallet and Ruskind today on what can be taken away from Ohio in the Lieberman loss to Lamont. It is interesting to see the world “purge” come up multiple times from wingnuts – must be on a talking point memo!

I think the only real take away in this is that voters continue to be unhappy with the Iraq war: getting in it, mismanaging it, and overall lies and expectations that were over-sold and under-delivered. I side with Herb Asher when he contends both sides are overreaching for a conclusion to draw. I also fear this […]

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