Been too busy to comment much on this press release over at the ORP, but it’s time. It has become more and more clear what the Republicans are doing with this illegal immigration issue. The narrative has been set that there is this huge threat that we must secure ourselves from. Some have even gone so far as to claim it a matter of fighting terrorism, ignoring the fact that the northern border is the bigger threat. It started off nationally and got ping ponged through the main stream media, and is now coming to light at the state level. It’s a campaign thing, not a policy thing.

So Husted and his cronies over at the ORP march out their sham of “Ohio Workforce Protection and Illegal Alien Enforcement Act”.

The response would be to call bullshit on this early and often. This is a dividing tactic being used because they have mostly used up the 3 Gs. Guns is a moot point because most Dems have neutralized it. God is being slowly taken back from the right fringes and is being answered by liberal clergy and Dem candidates who have a real basis in the teachings of the oft misused Christ. Gays, well, gays they are gonna stick with as well – but they need more.

Target? Mexicans.

The problem? Ask most people in Ohio where that rates and it is probably well down from the Iraq war (Republican loser), jobs (another Republican loser), the economy (stupid), and healthcare (Rs are owned by pharmaceuticals, so…). While there may be strong opinions on it, it doesn’t rank high enough for even a debate.

The ODP should realize this and ignore it. Talk about things that matter most to Ohioans instead of falling into the G3M trap…and believe me when I say it is a trap. Claptrap. Horsehocky. Jitterwocky. Bullshit. I would hope that we wouldn’t even have to get into a discussion on framing given recent history, but it appears we might.

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