Sounds so:

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio Aug 8, 2006 (AP)? The leading Republican candidate to replace scandal-scarred Rep. Bob Ney on the November ballot may be ineligible, party officials said Tuesday, complicating GOP efforts to assure a smooth transition for the fall campaign.

Sounds like Joy is thinking green light, while a strategist rightie thinks otherwise via the laywers:

One Republican strategist, speaking on condition of anonymity, said lawyers had concluded Padgett was likely covered by the so-called political sore loser’s law and thus would not be eligible to run.

Sounds like there may be a bit of lawyering left to do, but maybe we won’t see her vileness afterall. That would be a “joy”! Of course, with the Republican leadership seeking a decision from the Secretary of State, I’d say Padgett’s view of a green light might make some sense.

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