Update: Damn. Matt “the of f i cial camp aign blo gger” Naugle sure is quick to take shit down off You Tube. LOL. One sec. OK, got the plundervid version below!

Absolutely made my day, this one. Apparently this is what being down 22 points gets ya: KBtv.

The money quotes:

“We’re a state that grows things!”

“Most people don’t know that we lead the nation in the production of swiss cheese”

Oh, and Ted is against farmers! That evil, evil, anti-farm Ted. Doesn’t get any better than this. Hurtin’ for certain! I seriously will be giggling until late this week over this one. Naugle must be somewhere right now yelling “UNCLE!”

Katrina with the understatement of the campaign thus far: “With 92 days left until the election, we’ve got a lot of work to do”.

Check it:

…one last thing. The file name is “fairkenblackwell”. That is precisely how I feel: Fairken Blackwell! The new Ohio swear phrase – and it’s so universal! It’s hot outside. Fairken Blackwell!

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