In less than a month (9-3-06), county BOEs will be able to legally destroy 2004 Presidential Election ballots. YDS has an interesting post up about this. I find this pretty disturbing and it brings up many questions, which the site answers in part. First would be why has nobody looked at these ballots in the two years since? I didn’t see a date and will assume that they are talking about this spring being the first time anyone was allowed to review ballots in suspect counties.

I think it very important that the ballots not be destroyed and we should figure out what we can do to stop it. It is hard to believe these things would be destroyed after 2 years. They are part of a very important public record and should be available and open to public scrutiny. Kudos to YDS for digging this up.

This is just incredible:

We have been told by election officials in the most problem-plagued counties they can’t wait until Sept. 3rd, because then people asking questions will go home.

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