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CT Senate Primary: 52/48 Lamont

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Nailed it. Also nailed Lieberman would go indy and try to find a way to skirt the voters wishes and regain power. Concession speech was funny. He says he will always vote for what he thinks is best regardless of the political consequence. Horseshit. If that were the case you’d deal with the political consequences of having been beaten in a primary and support Ned in the general, not become a fucking “Independent Democrat”. Funny how all these losers and poll trailers are all “independent” now.

Stones in background: Don’t Make a Grown Man Cry…


I was done with […]

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CT Primary: No Exit Polling?

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I keep hearing there is no exit polling on the ground in CT, yet a reader on the ground there says there are several groups asking what sound like polling questions outside of the polls. One from CBS and the others unidentified (possibly campaigns).

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Update: Damn. Matt “the of f i cial camp aign blo gger” Naugle sure is quick to take shit down off You Tube. LOL. One sec. OK, got the plundervid version below!

Absolutely made my day, this one. Apparently this is what being down 22 points gets ya: KBtv.

The money quotes:

“We’re a state that grows things!”

“Most people don’t know that we lead the nation in the production of swiss cheese”

Oh, and Ted is against farmers! That evil, evil, anti-farm Ted. Doesn’t get any better than this. Hurtin’ for certain! I seriously […]

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In less than a month (9-3-06), county BOEs will be able to legally destroy 2004 Presidential Election ballots. YDS has an interesting post up about this. I find this pretty disturbing and it brings up many questions, which the site answers in part. First would be why has nobody looked at these ballots in the two years since? I didn’t see a date and will assume that they are talking about this spring being the first time anyone was allowed to review ballots in suspect counties.

I think it very important that the ballots not be […]

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Another completely useless SurveyUSA poll is out and it shows Ted Strickland with a 22 point lead over Krazy Kenny Blackwell (57/35 for the good guys). Sherrod Brown leads by 8 points as well (49/41). In other news, “Other” is leading the Green Fitrakis by 2 points.

I can’t wait until the meaningful polls come out…around about November. Hopefully they will show what has not changed for months now.

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CT Primary: Might As Well

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OK, I’m gonna go 52/48 Lamont. Lieberman goes Indy. Then the real fun starts!

Speaking of fun, check out the good times over an apparent outage of Lieberman camp floats a hacking story, but it looks more like non-payment to me. If they did hack it, wouldn’t there be a big Lamont graphic? LOL. Hilarious. Preview of the excitement to come here in the Buckeye State!

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Sounds so:

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio Aug 8, 2006 (AP)? The leading Republican candidate to replace scandal-scarred Rep. Bob Ney on the November ballot may be ineligible, party officials said Tuesday, complicating GOP efforts to assure a smooth transition for the fall campaign.

Sounds like Joy is thinking green light, while a strategist rightie thinks otherwise via the laywers:

One Republican strategist, speaking on condition of anonymity, said lawyers had concluded Padgett was likely covered by the so-called political sore loser’s law and thus would not be eligible to run.

Sounds like there may be a bit of lawyering left […]

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