They went to see him at the Summit County Republican Party?s annual Lincoln Day dinner on March 19 of last year. That is where we find this little gem about Ken:

Fred Bachhuber [one of the members] said he expected not to hear a GLBT welcome from Mehlman.

?He just can?t do it yet,? said Bachhuber, ?but as long as he?s sleeping with men behind the scenes, that?s all I care about.?

I think I know what the group would say about the vile attacks on Ted Strickland, if this comment by current chapter president Dale Giesige is any clue:

As being a member of Log Cabin Republicans, I?m going to find it very hard for LCR Ohio to endorse Ken Blackwell for governor. Of course, we are not going to endorse Strickland either because he?s a Democrat. The only issue will be to endorse the Republican candidate for governor.

Bush 2004 = Blackwell 2006? I think the non-endorsement of Bush in 2004 was to protest his endorsement of FMA, a single issue. With Blackwell 2006, we get the whole baggage of anti-gay, anti-?homosexual? rhetoric with the extra bonus of dealing with Rod Parsley and his gang.

To get respect you have to give respect. Blackwell doesn?t even have an gay outreach link on his website. To come against anything gay or ?homosexual? is paranoid. I just cannot see us endorsing Blackwell.

I love to try to see if we can get an endorsement meeting with Ken Blackwell. Do we really have to tell you how this is going to come out?

Then again, maybe Dale will go and ask “The Question”.

Are we having fun yet? Wait until tomorrow…

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