So Joy Padgett is the prohibitive favorite to stand in for the corrupt and disgraced Bob Ney. Joy, as some will remember is the same Joy Padgett that ran what many call the most disgusting type of smear campaign against here opponent Terry Anderson back in 2004. This bitch is the most disgusting example of GOP smear machines. We’re gonna have fun now.

What was the smear? Joy ran smears about Terry being soft on terror and showed a photo of him shaking hands with a Middle Eastern man.

(via Village Voice – ht OH12) Anderson, a former chief Mideast correspondent for the Associated Press, was taken hostage by Hezbollah in Lebanon in 1985 and held until 1991. Following his release, he returned to Lebanon with a CNN crew and searched out his former captors. A photo from that trip is the one now being used by Padgett.

Vile shit. No wonder my good friend Mattie Boy views her as one of his favorite politicians. Birds of a feather.

Here’s the thing they both continue to forget: This is NOT 2004. This shit is not gonna fly this time around. It must be pathetic to think the only way you can win is to cut and run, duck and hide, and bait and switch. Just sad, really.

  • Has the GOP conceded the 18th?

  • Not at all. Padgett represents one-third of Ney’s district, and regardless of how evil a campaign smear machine she ran against Anderson, she won.

  • Eric

    Agreed. They haven’t conceded at all. They may have pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Always tricking voters, rarely shooting straight. You Ohio GOP.

    So here’s the thing, really. The Space folks have to spin on a dime and begin running a different kind of campaign. I’m not sure I like their knee-jerk reaction of going back to the COC meme. Time to step up the game is NOW!

  • Agreed, not sure the COC meme sticks as well to Padgett as it does others. So Taft appt’d her, does that mean she’s responsible for the golf her played in district. It’s just not that strong.

    Same with her Petro connection. Since he lost to Lord Blackwell, has anyone seen a story or heard mention of Petro’s alledgedly campaign contributions for special assignment charade? I haven’t.

  • AmberCat

    Let’s see: Padgett is Ney’s hand-picked successor and longtime friend. And isn’t she somehow associated with a certain governor whose approval is in the teens? I think the Space supporters are panicking WAY too soon. Yes, the district is Republican and all that but by how large a percentage? And also, 2006 is not 2000 or even 2004. People are looking at the party in power in a whole different light. I think Padgett presents a whole new set of opportunities and Space should go at her with both barrels. Obviously, with a piece of work like this, being all cautious and nicey-nicey isn’t going to get the job done.

    Hell yeah, he should hammer her with corruption. The entire GOP has put the state on the auction block and pocketed the profits.

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