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Strickland and Senator Voinovich to Hold Press Conference Opposing Expanded Gambling in Ohio

Strickland to Hold Town Hall in Ashtabula

Columbus, Ohio ? Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland will join Senator George Voinovich at a press conference Monday morning in Cleveland to discuss their opposition to expanding legalized gambling in Ohio. Monday afternoon, Strickland will hold a town hall meeting in Ashtabula.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of these events today. I’ve not spoken out much on Ohio Learn and Earn. I interviewed the guys early on and also watched the blogosphere erupt in mostly calling them out for their methods. I think there is enough there to be highly critical of. I can’t pound on Republicans for pulling dirty tricks in attempts to under inform or misinform voters and not do the same in this case. There are enough corroborating stories to make me think some of this is happening, despite the plausible deniablity. I’m also concerned about what appears to be misleading information concerning the scholarships. I am fairly certain I was told that all kids will have money in their accounts if they choose to go to an Ohio college or university. Now even that is being called into question.

From a policy standpoint, I don’t care much about gambling. I think it is a personal choice issue and if you are concerned enough about it you should also be fighting against bingo and the lottery, not to mention harness racing. But poker? Hands off my poker. We’ll fight about that one!

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  • AmberCat

    You seem to share my feelings about this issue, although I’m not yet convinced this spells “the end” of OLE. I really don’t care about gambling, but if you want to repeal anti-gambling clauses in the constitution then do THAT, not a bunch of other stuff.

    I was approached on several occasions to sing the OLE petition and I can verify they were being misleading. Gambling was not mentioned until I brought it up and the petition circulation acted like he’d just peed his pants. Also, if you’ve seen the billboards, they don’t mention gambling; they feature a mortarboard. It’s not in dispute the campaign is misleading.

    Also, I read the amendment after being told by proponents that ALL Ohio students accepted at an Ohio university or college would have their tuition fully paid, phased in in increments over 12 years. But the amendment says no such thing.

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