Flags are flying at half staff as the right wing contingent in the Ohio blogosphere attempt to spin the fact that a corrupt politician was forced to get out of the game. Matt over at Lincoln Logs is apparently about to cry. Ney is a good guy despite the facts, blah, blah, blah, Matt says.

It’s funny how the “political reality” has something to do with Bob’s family and not the fact that he is a corrupt politician caught up in a corrupt machine. I would argue the best way to protect your family is to be an honorable man and not give in to the temptation and become yet another corrupt Republican. But I guess that is just not a part of this “political reality”.

His conference call is the typical horseshit delivered by most of the disgraced and corrupt Republicans. Toughest decision I’ve ever had to make, did it for my family, I was up in polls but the distraction kept me from getting important work done for the people of the 18th blah, blah, blah. How about: “I’m an idiot and decided to abuse my office for personal gain”? Or “I’m sorry I ever met Jack Abramoff”?

Some are trying to spin this as a great thing for the GOP, but how do you explain away the fact that corrupt Ney HAD to step down to give them any shot of winning this district? This is a great opportunity for the people in that district to not be played and continue to push for real change and oust the GOP.

The cockroaches continue to scurry about. They don’t like the light of scrutiny much.