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They went to see him at the Summit County Republican Party?s annual Lincoln Day dinner on March 19 of last year. That is where we find this little gem about Ken:

Fred Bachhuber [one of the members] said he expected not to hear a GLBT welcome from Mehlman.

?He just can?t do it yet,? said Bachhuber, ?but as long as he?s sleeping with men behind the scenes, that?s all I care about.?

I think I know what the group would say about the vile attacks on Ted Strickland, if this comment by current chapter president Dale Giesige is […]

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Update: Tried a Plundercall…will try again soon. Katie, I’ll talk to you tomorrow! 😉

via email:

What’s in Store for Election 2006?

Ken Mehlman at The City Club of Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH?Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee since January 2005, will discuss the mid-term elections and the state of the GOP at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 9, 2006, at The City Club of Cleveland.

Here is the question that needs asking of Ken Mehlman:

How does he, as a gay man, feel about his sexuality being used as a smear against their opponent at […]

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You can almost hear it when you see the bus: “The wingnuts are coming, the wingnuts are coming!” The cry of the true American patriot. From a press release:

TOLEDO, Ohio, Aug. 6 —‘s “2006 Change Wal-Mart, Change America” non-stop bus tour going to 19 states and 35 cities in 35 days is beginning a four-day visit to Ohio, Aug. 6 – 9. During the Ohio stops, will hold a series of public events, including community meetings, town halls and press conferences with Democratic leaders. Events are scheduled in Toledo, Cleveland, Lorain County, Columbus and Cincinnati. The […]

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via the mailbag:

Strickland and Senator Voinovich to Hold Press Conference Opposing Expanded Gambling in Ohio

Strickland to Hold Town Hall in Ashtabula

Columbus, Ohio ? Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland will join Senator George Voinovich at a press conference Monday morning in Cleveland to discuss their opposition to expanding legalized gambling in Ohio. Monday afternoon, Strickland will hold a town hall meeting in Ashtabula.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of these events today. I’ve not spoken out much on Ohio Learn and Earn. I interviewed the guys early on and also watched the […]

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NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH — In a desperate move to stop surging congressional challenger Zack Space, Bob Ney dropped out of and pushed into the congressional race his handpicked candidate, who is also one of Bob Taft’s favorites.

“Bob Ney represented the culture of corruption in Washington and Joy Padgett represents the culture of corruption in Columbus,” said Joe Shafer, campaign manager for Zack Space. “Joy Padgett is tied at the hip to the most corrupt politicians […]

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So Joy Padgett is the prohibitive favorite to stand in for the corrupt and disgraced Bob Ney. Joy, as some will remember is the same Joy Padgett that ran what many call the most disgusting type of smear campaign against here opponent Terry Anderson back in 2004. This bitch is the most disgusting example of GOP smear machines. We’re gonna have fun now.

What was the smear? Joy ran smears about Terry being soft on terror and showed a photo of him shaking hands with a Middle Eastern man.

(via Village Voice – ht OH12) Anderson, […]

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Flags are flying at half staff as the right wing contingent in the Ohio blogosphere attempt to spin the fact that a corrupt politician was forced to get out of the game. Matt over at Lincoln Logs is apparently about to cry. Ney is a good guy despite the facts, blah, blah, blah, Matt says.

It’s funny how the “political reality” has something to do with Bob’s family and not the fact that he is a corrupt politician caught up in a corrupt machine. I would argue the best way to protect your family is to be […]

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(via CNN)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — U.S. Rep. Bob Ney, under scrutiny in a corruption scandal involving convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, announced Monday that he was abandoning his re-election campaign.

Hadn’t he said he’d still run even if indicted? Hmmm, liar too!

The cockroaches are indeed scurry to retain power. The question remains whether or not the Ohio electorate will buy the bait and switching. I hear his replacement is pretty nasty – this one’s gonne get ugly.

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Have YOU Had Enough?

On August 7, 2006 By

Rickie Lee Jones and Squirrel Nut Zippers have. Hat tip Dave and Crooks and Liars.

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