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Shamansky Blasts Tiberi “Newsletter”

Says Taxpayers Footing Bill for “Inaccurate Campaign Material”

Columbus Ohio: The campaign of 12th District Congressional Candidate Bob Shamansky (D-Bexley) today charged incumbent Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi with ?skirting ethics regulations by mass mailing thinly disguised campaign material to District voters and then sticking them with the bill.? Moreover, a campaign spokesman said, ?the material portrays Mr. Tiberi as a champion of senior citizens when, in fact, he has repeatedly voted against their interests in the House of Representatives.?

Shamansky spokesman Dale Butland was referring to a so-called ?newsletter? Tiberi mailed this week under his ?franking? privilege to every resident in the 12th Congressional District. Postage costs for ?franked? material are paid by taxpayers rather than by Congressmen themselves. A copy of Tiberi?s ?newsletter? is attached to this release.

House of Representatives rules prohibit such mass mailings within 90 days of an election, and stipulate that personal references, ?such as ?I?, ?me?, or the congressman?s name? should not appear more than 8 times per page.

?Not only does Mr. Tiberi refer to himself 10 times on the mailing?s first page, but it was timed to land in District mail boxes just 98 days before the November election?, said Butland. ?Mr. Tiberi will no doubt claim that the timing of this piece so close to the election was a mere coincidence. I?m sure the Tooth Fairy would agree.?

?Even more ridiculous?, Butland continued, ?Mr. Tiberi expects senior citizens to believe that he looks out for them in Congress. He touts his support for the Medicare prescription drug program, and says he opposes the privatization of Social Security. Somehow, he forgets to mention that seniors are paying far more for prescription drugs than they should, thanks to Mr. Tiberi?s vote to prohibit the government from negotiating the lowest possible prices with drug companies. Why did he do that? Maybe the $64,000 in campaign contributions he received from the giant drug companies had something to do with it. And what about the so-called ?doughnut hole? in the Medicare program that forces seniors to pay FULL PRICE for their drugs once out of pocket expenses exceed $2,850 per year? Mr. Tiberi doesn?t mention that either.

?As for Social Security, Mr. Tiberi voted not only to allow President Bush?s so-called ?private retirement accounts? to be implemented., but has also voted NINE separate times to spend every last dime in the Social Security Trust fund in order to make the ballooning Bush budget deficits appear smaller than they really are. With that record, you?d think Mr. Tiberi would be embarrassed by this newsletter/campaign flyer. Maybe he thinks you really can fool all of the people all of the time. Or maybe he just doesn?t embarrass easily. Either way, taxpayers are stuck with the bill for this preposterous mailing.?

“I?m sure the Tooth Fairy would agree”. LOL. Butland does a bit of Plunderbunding. Nice.

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