Damn. I was going to have some serious fun with this, but then Audacity decides to crash! Note to self: Save your work! Nuts. I had the thing about done too. I hope I can get back to it because I think I had something almost Scott Bakalar worthy. Hint: I was gonna call it “The Er Um Remix”.

…stay tuned.

Here’s the whole thing:

This part is absolutely CLASSIC: “Jason you can jump in here if you want…”

Yes, Jason. PLEASE jump in here because I have not one single goddamned clue what to say and I’m dyin’ over here! Seriously, this is why I’m in the game of political blogging. To laugh this hard!

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  • Hadn’t heard the full clip until now.
    God, we should just buy enough money to put that on as an ad in every major radio station throughout the state.

    I actually loved Ted’s reaction better than Blackwell’s campaign’s bumbling. His laughter and then pointing out how little the Republicans are willing to talk about Ken Blackwell was spot on.

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