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Dude, We Got Esquired!

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If you are wondering or being asked what is up with all this smack about where Ted may or may not live blah blah blah, just go read this. That is all.

Update: “if we lived in the Land of One-Story Buildings”. That shit be Plunderific!

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The Audacity of Audacity!

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Damn. I was going to have some serious fun with this, but then Audacity decides to crash! Note to self: Save your work! Nuts. I had the thing about done too. I hope I can get back to it because I think I had something almost Scott Bakalar worthy. Hint: I was gonna call it “The Er Um Remix”.

…stay tuned.

Here’s the whole thing:

This part is absolutely CLASSIC: “Jason you can jump in here if you want…”

Yes, Jason. PLEASE jump in here because I have not one single goddamned clue what to say and […]

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Shamansky Blasts Tiberi “Newsletter”

Says Taxpayers Footing Bill for “Inaccurate Campaign Material”

Columbus Ohio: The campaign of 12th District Congressional Candidate Bob Shamansky (D-Bexley) today charged incumbent Republican Congressman Pat Tiberi with ?skirting ethics regulations by mass mailing thinly disguised campaign material to District voters and then sticking them with the bill.? Moreover, a campaign spokesman said, ?the material portrays Mr. Tiberi as a champion of senior citizens when, in fact, he has repeatedly voted against their interests in the House of Representatives.?

Shamansky spokesman Dale Butland was referring to a so-called ?newsletter? Tiberi […]

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In this episode of “How Can Pat Remain in Power”, we get to introduce ourselves to franking. Not what your Uncle Frank does after too much beer and pie, but the Congressional privilege of free mailing services that enables them to inform their constituents of the goings down on Capitol Hill.

Pat’s latest “frank discussion” with those he represents looks much more like a campaign piece than some innocent informational newsletter mailing. Much, much more like!

Let’s take a peek at the whole thing and then break it down a bit. [view entire mailer in pdf format 304KB]


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