No, not lunch at Taco Bell (damn, that sounds good). He’s not fleeing the impending perp walk either. He’s just down in Arizona doing some “observing”. Plenty to observe up here, Bob. Come on back now, hear?

From the Space camp via email:


Dover, OH — This week, in a desperate attempt to divert attention away from his record of corruption and cronyism in Congress, Bob Ney is in Arizona observing federal border patrol agents and their efforts to secure our country’s borders. But Ohio families cannot forget that Ney is part of the do-nothing Congress that for years has failed to secure our borders and address the real problems that face our immigration system.

Bob Ney’s election year stunts and words of support do not match his actions when it comes to securing our border and providing the hard working federal agents with the funding and training they deserve.

“During Bob Ney’s time in Congress, millions of immigrants have crossed the border illegally and Bob Ney has voted for cuts to the U.S. Border Patrol,” said Zack Space, candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 18th District. “Over the last six years, under the failed leadership of George Bush, Bob Ney, and Congress, we’ve seen nothing but inaction and no crackdown on the companies that hire illegal workers.”

George Bush and Bob Ney’s failure to crackdown on workplace enforcement: In 1999 there were 182 Criminal Employer Cases Presented for Prosecution for a total of $3.7 million in fines and in 2003 there were a mere 4 Criminal Employer Cases for a total of $212,322 in fines.

“I support strengthened border control including building a wall, I oppose amnesty, and we need stronger enforcement of laws cracking down on companies who hire illegal aliens,” added Space.

The Space camp. Heh.