OK, a couple new things from the Dem powers that be. One sorta irks me. First up is a new site “The Fudge Report“, riffing off of The Drudge Report – including spartan layout. This is a great idea and should be a good site to keep an eye on. One sugestion: RSS! I need a quick and fast way to check the latest stuff there so I can possibly blog about it.

Next up is a new video from the D-trip. I’d have it here below, but yer gonna have to go here and put in an email address and zip code to view it. This kinda thing drives me absolutely nuts. You want a message out far and wide, yet you lock it down in flash craziness? Getting emails is fine…don’t mind that at all, but put up a quicktime link or mpeg as well for others to publish the video and talk about your latest great idea. The whole lockdown thing is counterproductive.

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