Anthony has a post up with some commentary about a recent statement made by Eric Fingerhut concerning Krazy Kenny Blackwell and his plans for Ohio. The best part is the outline (that I agree with a commenter should be a T shirt):


Turnpike (Dangerous)
o Robbing from the future
o Money will be squandered
o There is no free lunch

TEL (Dangerous)
o Prevents us from making the investments we need in infrastructure and education
o Prevents local governments from stepping in where the state fails to deliver

65% Plan (Dangerous)
o Huge increase in the regulatory burden for school districts
o Will instigate a whole new round of school funding lawsuits

Flat Tax (Misleading)
o No plan to get there
o State cannot run deficits
o A tax cut plan without a plan to reduce government spending has no credibility at the state level

Reduce/Eliminate the Social Safety Net (Immoral!)
o Clearly favors reducing and eventually eliminating health insurance for children in low-income working families
o Eliminating health insurance, together with freezing the minimum wage, leaves low-income workers vulnerable

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