Jon Husted would NOT be proud. This one is ripe. Now that Gary Lankford has been disgraced and dismissed, his original source Scott Pullins seems to have picked up the rusty bucket to carry the political smear water for Krazy Kenny. This time he just comes right out and says it. Asswipe. Now, here is the best part. His argument that Frances lives in KY and that is proven by her being the registered agent is, well – you guessed it – horseshit. I wonder why she would then list her address as Columbus, OH in all of these documents? (ht aberrant equation)

Now the dumbass is trying to claim Ted committed election fraud. Too funny.

The question I have to ask is whether or not the Blackwell campaign is paying this guy to do their dirty work? If not, is he being made promises for consulting work? He is a GOP operative afterall. Bob Bennett should immediately apologize for this and tell the Ohio voters how much he disagrees with Scott Pullins. Unless he’s paying him to or promising him things. In that case, you’re doin’ a heckuva job Scottie! Remember this?

?Ohioans expect and deserve a competitive contest for governor focused on the substantive issues important to leading our state,? Bennett said in his letter of apology to Strickland. ?While public records, comments, platforms and proposals are fair game, we will not engage in rumor and innuendo.?

4 days. It took 4 fucking days for them to go back into the gutter. Slimeballs.

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