Been chuckling about this all morning. This little gem popped up in the RSS feeder:

In June, Zogby said that Strickland lead Blackwell by 5 points. A month later, that gap narrowed to 4 points.

In May, Rasmussen said Strickland lead by 16 points. In June, that narrowed to 13 points. Now, it’s 11.

If Blackwell continues these trends and advances a point every month in Zogby’s poll, by November he’ll be one point down. That is well within a statistical tie.

If he continues to advance 2 to 3 points a month as he has in Rasmussen’s polling, this November he could be down by as little as two – also a statistical tie.

Narrowed to 4 points! 16, 13, 11! Statistical tie! Anything can happen! We might just win this Harold! We are not getting beat as bad as most people thought we would be!

Sound familiar? I know I’ve heard it. Hell, I’ve even spouted the same “you can win Jesse” schpiel before while hoping that the little train actually could. Problem is, this is the big bad Ohio GOP in the big bad red state of Ohia. You gotta love the spin of “Blackwell Gains 5 Points!”, while failing to mention he’s still getting his ass handed to him. The wingnut bloggers can’t be happy at all with how the campaign has been run…nor must they be happy having to make silly milquetoast arguments like these. Funny, right?

Skeered, I tell ya. Skeered.

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