From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Jon Husted would NOT be proud. This one is ripe. Now that Gary Lankford has been disgraced and dismissed, his original source Scott Pullins seems to have picked up the rusty bucket to carry the political smear water for Krazy Kenny. This time he just comes right out and says it. Asswipe. Now, here is the best part. His argument that Frances lives in KY and that is proven by her being the registered agent is, well – you guessed it – horseshit. I wonder why she would then list her address as Columbus, OH in all […]

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Anthony has a post up with some commentary about a recent statement made by Eric Fingerhut concerning Krazy Kenny Blackwell and his plans for Ohio. The best part is the outline (that I agree with a commenter should be a T shirt):


Turnpike (Dangerous)
o Robbing from the future
o Money will be squandered
o There is no free lunch

TEL (Dangerous)
o Prevents us from making the investments we need in infrastructure and education
o Prevents local governments from stepping in where the state fails to deliver

65% Plan (Dangerous)
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from Minimum Wage, Maximum Gall (the whole article is good):

Appended to the minimum wage hike that the vast majority of them opposed was a provision genuinely dear to their hearts: a cut in the estate tax that chiefly benefits the super-rich and that will reduce government revenue over the next decade, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, by $753 billion. The shortfall could well lead to offsetting cuts in programs that benefit the same working poor that the minimum-wage increase would help. But who cares about the poor? The whole point of the exercise was […]

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via Kilroy for Congress blog:

“I’ll commit suicide before I’ll vote on a clean minimum wage bill.”
— Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), House Republican Conference Committee Chairman, Weekly Standard, April 29, 1996

Whew. Damn near lost John there!

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Email blowin’ up today. The Ted Camp (Zack has you here, Ted – really) has a new statement out on Krazy Kenny’s apparent frosted pane of transparency. It’s a gooder. Can’t even live up to the “Republican idea” of disclosure. Damn, son. To distinguish yourself from even Taft. Heh. I guess Ken Taftwell is a compliment now.

Ken Blackwell talks transparency, but Ohioans can see through his rhetoric

Columbus, Ohio – When millionaire Ken Blackwell appears side by side with President George W. Bush and Governor Bob Taft tonight at an exclusive $2 million fundraiser, he’ll be able to compare […]

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Ney Makes A Run For The Border

On August 2, 2006 By

No, not lunch at Taco Bell (damn, that sounds good). He’s not fleeing the impending perp walk either. He’s just down in Arizona doing some “observing”. Plenty to observe up here, Bob. Come on back now, hear?

From the Space camp via email:


Dover, OH — This week, in a desperate attempt to divert attention away from his record of corruption and cronyism in Congress, Bob Ney is in Arizona observing federal border patrol agents and their efforts to secure our country’s borders. But Ohio families cannot forget that […]

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Not much more to say about this, really. Modern Esquire schools both Ding Dong Matt and Bob “Margin of Error” Bennett:

Wow, Mr. Chairman, I hope Ken Blackwell doesn’t know that you’re now against his hidden taxes on Ohio businesses that he hiked when Secretary of State Blackwell massively increased the fees his office charges Ohio businesses. And Secretary of State Sherrod Brown’s staff increased by 56%?!? Wow, that’s almost as bad 73% increase in spending under Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and his budget-busting request for an 42% in spending as State Treasurer.


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Been chuckling about this all morning. This little gem popped up in the RSS feeder:

In June, Zogby said that Strickland lead Blackwell by 5 points. A month later, that gap narrowed to 4 points.

In May, Rasmussen said Strickland lead by 16 points. In June, that narrowed to 13 points. Now, it’s 11.

If Blackwell continues these trends and advances a point every month in Zogby’s poll, by November he’ll be one point down. That is well within a statistical tie.

If he continues to advance 2 to 3 points a month as he has in Rasmussen’s polling, […]

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I must say, Ann nails this one:

Managing the public trough isn?t like running a business.

The shareholders have more at stake than dividends. What price to please a big-time fundraiser ? $50 million?

But maintaining the public trust in our institutions is priceless.

I’m guessing people in Ohio have lost a bit of that trust. It’s up to those running on the Democrat side to demonstrate – not talk about – that trust and restore it. That is why the Strickland “gimmick” of putting out his tax return is important. It adds weight to re-balance the […]

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Ney Day Coming Soon?

On August 2, 2006 By

Russell thinks maybe – or maybe another staffer. I’m just hoping his source is not the same one that told him Blackwell was pulling out of the primary! Heh.

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I’ve been meaning to plug these guys for some time now. The Nookular Option is a blog/radio show/podcast out of Toledo and were one of the only – if not the only – other progressive/liberal podcast in Ohio when I went looking. They do a great job and I hope to do some cooperative things with them soon.

Go check out the Cordray interview

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