You’d think you wouldn’t have to point this stuff out to the RABid boys, but seems like you do. There is much hand wringing over the major embarassment that the radical religious wingnut Gary Lankford has caused the Republican party here in Ohio. The point that is trying to be made boils down to a kindergarten-esque “Lookie, they are doing it too!” argument pointing a finger at the grassroots effort “Blacks Against Blackwell”. Let me try to spell it out:

Gary put out the offensive email. Gary was employed by the Blackwell campaign as the “social conservative coordinator“. Gary got $15,963 from the Blackwell campaign as a “voter contact consultant“. How the hell do you NOT tie that to the GOP? I’m not buying this rogue agent bit at all…nor would any other reasonable human being.

We’re not dealing with the reasonable or sane, however. So let me slow this down and give it to you Naugle style: Lankford was a GOP agent employed by the Blackwell campaign (since fired). Blacks Against Blackwell is a grassroots effort of ordinary people trying to counter the racially charged “vote for me ‘cuz i’m black” crapola. Employee. Regular folks. Get it? Damn, son.

My note to the RABid boys and girls: The lefty blogosphere is watching also…and we’re better than you. I’m sorry you have to defend a B team candidate and campaign, but these types of arguments are really pathetic.

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