From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 1, 2006

via The Dispatch:

What?s often lost is the fact that many evangelical Christians are uncomfortable with the increasing intermingling of religion and politics. In reality, a majority even of those churches that fit “the profile” intentionally remain on the political sidelines.

Whew. For a minute there I was getting worried…

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Jeff Hess at BlueOhioan

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Jeff was one of the guys I wished I had spent some more time with and I think that is the most value in what Anthony did that night. He lets us now catch up a bit with those we missed talking to. Great session!

view Jeff’s interview

Danielle’s is also up

…just keep going back to BlueOhioan to see them all. I think I did mine late, so it should include some funny Shiner induced stuff. LOL.

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I’m sorry for this. Really I am. I’m proud of the basketball. I’m proud of the thoroughbreds. I’m super proud of the Bourbon. I’m not proud of this – though I do realize it more a part of what I call the “Cincinatti effect”.

High-tech museum brings creationism to life

PETERSBURG, Ky. – Like most natural history museums, this one has exhibits showing dinosaurs roaming the earth. Except here, the giant reptiles share the forest with Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve taking their pet dino on a walk in the forest. Lovely. I dunno where they get […]

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You’d think you wouldn’t have to point this stuff out to the RABid boys, but seems like you do. There is much hand wringing over the major embarassment that the radical religious wingnut Gary Lankford has caused the Republican party here in Ohio. The point that is trying to be made boils down to a kindergarten-esque “Lookie, they are doing it too!” argument pointing a finger at the grassroots effort “Blacks Against Blackwell”. Let me try to spell it out:

Gary put out the offensive email. Gary was employed by the Blackwell campaign as the “social conservative coordinator“. […]

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Update: #4! Keep on truckin’

My Tiberi Pacman commercial is up and competing over at the Contagious Festival. Send to your friends and get this baby going viral! I’d love to have people from all across the country talking about this race in the 12th. Thanks for your help!

Tiberi Pac Man ad:

MP3 File

Listen here, download it, but be sure to visit Huffington Post’s Contagious Festival and help bump up the soundscan on this one. Thanks!

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BSB: The Blogapalooza Interview

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Anthony has his chat with Russell up, go check it out. He talks about the sleeper Shamansky and the whole blogging/Meet The Bloggers phenomenon in Ohio. Good stuff.

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