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Just a great line – really:

Mike DeWine?s Rick Moranis-like mug is, until further notice, the face of ugly politics in Ohio.

Williamson at The Other Paper puts Republican Mike DeWine in the Hall of Slime, right where he belongs.

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The Plundercrew came through. Obtained a copy of the recently referenced Mike DeWine Chamber of Commerce ad. More desperation. The Chamber of Commerce will soon spend the most ever to maintain their stranglehold on the legislature via the corrupt Republican, ahum, I mean Independent Conservative Party. Roll Call (snippet from behind the pay wall):

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, hoping to influence this year?s House and Senate races, is launching what the group calls its largest and most expensive campaign effort ever.

The business group plans to fork over much more than $10 million to fund campaign ads […]

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Yep. You guessed it:

WASHINGTON Jul 28, 2006 (AP)? Congress would pass an increase in the minimum wage before leaving Washington for vacation, but only as part of a package rolling back taxes on the heirs of multimillionaires, a Senate leadership aide said Friday.

Excellent, Mr. Smithers. Excellent!

’06 fellas, not ’04. People see through this shit now.

Of course, our boy Tim Ryan steps up and tells it like it is:

“It’s outrageous the Republican Congress can’t simply help poor people without doing something for their wealthy contributors,” said Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio.

Update: Shamansky’s […]

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“Minimum Wage: I Voted Against It Before I Voted For It”

Get this one. Republicans now want to raise the minimum wage. Right. I saw this from The Hotline and immediately did the head scratch:

Opposition to a minimum wage vote is softening, however. Boehner and Maj Whip Roy Blunt have both made public statements indicating that they are resigned to the effort. And now it seems that support for the increase is coming not just from the usual band of pro-labor GOPers. New to LaTourette’s letter are such members as: Rep’s Mike Bilirakis (FL), Mark Foley (FL), […]

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First of all, YDS has a great post up by Brent Gray. Worth a look for sure. He had a simliar message up at BSB earlier and he continues to hammer away in this one. I’m really beginning to love this guy.

What I want to point out in all the racial flap concerning the governor’s race is that while I do firmly believe in rules and standards as guides, you can’t overstep them and then come back to claim fairness later. The Blackwell campaign was the first to play the race card. Their strategy was clearly to take […]

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Kelso over at the RABid blog lays out the conservative Republican standard on the 9th commandment. Apparently, if you are telling a joke you are allowed to lie. At least that’s my read on it.

So let’s see, it’s OK for me to tell that joke about how I flew across the Atlantic ocean using only a lawnchair and 3 birthday balloons on my 6th birthday? You see, one of the balloons popped and I fell in the ocean and got wet!! Ha ha ha ha ha. I got wet. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s a […]

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Because waging the war on gays is more important than waging the war on terruh, the Army has kicked out a gay Arab linguist. Here’s the best part. In what I would call the ultimate irony, Bleu Copas enlisted shortly after 9/11 due to a strong sense of duty to country. Too bad his country sold him out.

Maybe Krazy Kenny Blackwell could cure him in a few sessions of over the knee righteousness.

This kind of shit honestly makes me want to wake up in 100 years and live in a country that realizes this is just […]

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First Deboarah Pryce couldn’t spell her own name. Then violates FEC rules. Now this:

(via FoxNews) WASHINGTON ? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce began running ads Thursday praising Republican Rep. Steve Chabot for voting for the newly implemented Medicare prescription drug coverage.

One problem: Chabot voted against it when the plan passed in 2003.


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Next up is a band i hope you’ll all like. They are called Purge and this song is called Dig, featured on their 1996 Magnetic Planet release. Bonus points for identifying the singer.

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via Forbes

Note to political candidates: The Federal Election Commission doesn’t want fundraisers using your name in vain. Even if you’re the one getting the cash.

At stake are joint political fundraisers, a common practice for politicians and their party organizations to cast a wider net for campaign dollars. To do that, they must register a joint fundraising committee with the FEC to account for their contributions and their spending. The word “victory” or something equally upbeat is usually in the committee name, so is the year of the election as in “Victory 2006.”

Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, tapped […]

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This theme is going to blow up in Republican's faces over and over again. The notion that they are "independent voices" and that they literally run away from being a Republican. First Steele does it, then the leader of the freakin’ NRCC does it. DeWine does it. Deboarah Pryce does it. Even Pat Tiberi, who doesn’t have the word anywhere on his site or in his bio, does it! Tough game these days right Pat? It’s catchy this little game of “Republican? What Republican?”.

First Name Congressman, Last Name Republican:

Maybe they need […]

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