(ht BSB) via Canton Rep:

Maybe this all is irrelevant. I don?t usually make political predictions this early, but I’ve been watching this race, and I think it is over. Unless he commits some enormous political blunder, Strickland wins with about 54 percent of the vote this November.

I’ve got about the same assessment. This Blackwell campaign has to be one of the biggest displays of junior varsity politics seen in the state in some time. We are looking at a B or even C side club. In fact, most Republican campaigns that matter are looking that way. From Pryce not spelling her name right then not giving an ad disclaimer, to the bumbling attack ad of Republican Mike DeWine – complete with fake smoke, these folks don’t even look like the polished GOP attack machine of old. They look more like the three stooges. I hear stress will do that to you. Ask Bob Ney.

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