File this firmly under “WTF?”. Best example yet of Plunderdumb(tm) comes in this am via The Dispatch:

House speaker considers political blogs dangerous

Sunday, July 30, 2006 — Ohio House Speaker Jon A. Husted is no fan of political blogs.

“I believe they?re overrated in some respects,” the Kettering Republican said during a taping Friday of ONN?s Capitol Square. “In high-profile campaigns, this is a way for people to use third parties to get bad information out about your opponent.”

The fact that people are paying attention to the blogs, Husted said, “is undermining the campaign process in terms of trying to advance ideas.”

“One of the things that is so frustrating when you?re running a campaign is when we get out there, we?re trying to decide who should lead our state, about the important issues of creating jobs and improving the future of this state ? and we?re talking about whether or not Ted Strickland is gay on a blog.” he said. “That is not helpful.”

His only example is that of a wingnut trying to smear Strickland? You have to just sit back and laugh at that one. He probably just forgot about the whole Bill Ritter thing. One thing Jon Husted gets right is this: blogs are dangerous. We’re dangerous territory for overreaching corrupt conservatives making a last ditch effort to remain in power. Downright toxic where that is concerned.

Undermining the campaign process in terms of advancing ideas? You have GOT to be kidding me man. Blogs are just about the best way I’ve seen to get ideas out that MSM won’t cover. They are also a method that has been used (successfully) to get the MSM to move on things they may have not. We also hold them in check when needed. This really shows the true lack of vision in the GOP and the priority it places on staying in power at the expense of the democratic process. Earth to Jon Husted: we ain’t goin’ away my man. Things can only get better – worse for guys like you.

Husted wins the Plunderdumb(tm) Award of the Day. Congrats Jon!

  • Sounds to me like he would be happy for there to be fewer and fewer ways for voters to voice their opinions. The funnel into a letter to the editor or an op-ed eliminates voters from voicing because of business-related constraints. Letter writing gets funneled down now because of the inability to find an email address or, if you are trying to reach a congressperson, you have to jump through a zillion hoops and you never know who you are getting.

    If you really want to try and reach an elected official to make your opinion known (seeing as how you are their constituent, they might want to know – then again – not), you could try the phone but most likely you will get a receptionist or an intern.

    Unless you’ve already been toiling away to make contact at a level deeper than what most voters will try to reach, blogs are the easiest, best way to voice your opinion.

    The only reason they become a factor, Speaker Husted, is because SOMEONE – make that someoneS – are READING them. If no one read them, then they wouldn’t matter.

    Clearly, people who make decisions are reading the voice of voters as they come through blogs. Are only certain people using blogs right now? Sure. But blogs are in their infancy.

    And that’s what makes them matter.

    Hmm – I bet the speaker thinks free speech is a danger too?

  • Eric

    Russell made a good point in why Jon might choose to seemingly lash out at a neocon blogger: to forward the meme about strickland and sexual orientation. I personally feel there was more damage done than the meme getting out justifies. So does Joe Hallet apparently.

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  • Jon Husted hmmm…

    I knew Jon Husted in High School and in College. I am in shock and awe that he is the Speaker of the House. Are you kidding me? There are 4 things this guy knew how to do. Be an asshole, drink beer, smoke pot and screw a lot of women. He was a bit lacking in communication and people skills and his quotes prove that he has not changed. I may have to move. How did we get these fools in charge of the State? I guess anyone can be in office. Have you taken a look at these guys? Jon is probably concerend that someone will turn up and tell the truth about his character. Maybe he has changed. I am still in shock.

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