It appears so:

(Dispatch) Since Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell kicked his Republican gubernatorial campaign into high gear five months ago, his top lieutenant has assumed some of the key duties of the elected office.

Assistant Secretary of State Monty Lobb, not Blackwell, has signed all of the directives and advisories to county boards of elections sent from Blackwell?s office since March.

Ah, so here’s the strategy, er um, spin…(cough) bullshit (cough) on this one:

Blackwell also deemed the move prudent because, as the head of the Republican ticket this year, he wanted “a level of insulation” for the decisions of the office, LoParo said.

Riiiight. Insulation. So let’s talk about missed votes a bit more righties. Your boy has been MIA, probably workin’ pulpits since March? Nice. Meanwhile, Krazy Kenny’s constituents are looking for leadership and getting a sit-in.

It would be nice if he did his job and could be held accountable for it. The spin that he is trying to address the inherent conflict of interest by being AWOL, is just, well – Plunderdumb!

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