First of all, YDS has a great post up by Brent Gray. Worth a look for sure. He had a simliar message up at BSB earlier and he continues to hammer away in this one. I’m really beginning to love this guy.

What I want to point out in all the racial flap concerning the governor’s race is that while I do firmly believe in rules and standards as guides, you can’t overstep them and then come back to claim fairness later. The Blackwell campaign was the first to play the race card. Their strategy was clearly to take away an inherent advantage the Dems have within the black community. Their candidate is black. Their opponent is white. They saw a wedge and they began to exploit it. The race card was played.

To Now come back and claim “Hey! No fair!” for a group within the black community pointing out that this “Vote for me, I’m black” campaign is a farce, won’t fly. In the rules of political engagement, they, uh, went there. The response from this community was inevitable and that is to say Krazy Kenny Blackwell does NOT have the best interests of the African American community in mind. He has political power and maximum monetary gain in mind. Power and money. Not People and jobs.

I’ll say the same thing I have said concerning the use of religion by this clan: you opened pandora’s box. Deal with it. Stop whining and complaining. Ask for votes because of religion when your actions belie that and religion is going to smack you upside the head. Ask for votes because you are black when your voice doesn’t represent those from which you are asking, and the black community will smack you upside the head.

He may not have had a head injury when he played the Quantico Marines back in 1969, but he will once Ohio’s religous and black communities get done with him.

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