“Minimum Wage: I Voted Against It Before I Voted For It”

Get this one. Republicans now want to raise the minimum wage. Right. I saw this from The Hotline and immediately did the head scratch:

Opposition to a minimum wage vote is softening, however. Boehner and Maj Whip Roy Blunt have both made public statements indicating that they are resigned to the effort. And now it seems that support for the increase is coming not just from the usual band of pro-labor GOPers. New to LaTourette’s letter are such members as: Rep’s Mike Bilirakis (FL), Mark Foley (FL), Paul Gillmor (OH) David Hobson (OH), Ted Poe (TX), Mike Simpson (ID), Pat Tiberi (OH), Frank Wolf (VA) and Bill Young (FL). Such a mix of veteran, conservative and politically safe members indicates that the push to increase the minimum wage has gained strength in the GOP Conference and a vote may be inevitable.

Hmmm. What evil plan could they be plotting. Bwahahaha. I doubted that our own Pacman Tiberi could possibly be going from “nobody makes minimum” wage to a sincere “we must do this for the greater good”.

Uh, hell no. This is set up by Boehner and friends as a way to kill the Ohio minimum wage initiative and give the Scarlet Letter Republicans political cover. The righties are a wee bit nervous, but understand the angling. The message needs to get distilled and communicated that these thugs in office are not at all concerned with the public good. They are concerned about keeping their sorry asses in office in order to continue to shill for big business and the rich. Period.

Famously wanting up and down votes for the past few years, we will now be handed a grotesque measure on minimum wage designed to help noone but the entenched political powers that be. They give a rats ass about people. They care deeply for political gain. They don’t want their scarlet letter to shine in the light of having voted against raising the poor’s wages while voting to increase their own. Sorry ass rat bastards. Watch ’em scurry. Expect a huge battle and confusing reports of poisoin pills and attachments designed to let scared ass Republicans say “I voted to increase minimum wage, see??”.

Not on my watch.