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Note to political candidates: The Federal Election Commission doesn’t want fundraisers using your name in vain. Even if you’re the one getting the cash.

At stake are joint political fundraisers, a common practice for politicians and their party organizations to cast a wider net for campaign dollars. To do that, they must register a joint fundraising committee with the FEC to account for their contributions and their spending. The word “victory” or something equally upbeat is usually in the committee name, so is the year of the election as in “Victory 2006.”

Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, tapped the “Mike DeWine Victory 2006.”…

Not so fast, says the FEC. In letters to the Chafee, Santorum and DeWine joint fundraising committees and a handful of other candidate-related groups, the FEC warned that such eponymous organizations violate federal election regulations.


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