Kelso over at the RABid blog lays out the conservative Republican standard on the 9th commandment. Apparently, if you are telling a joke you are allowed to lie. At least that’s my read on it.

So let’s see, it’s OK for me to tell that joke about how I flew across the Atlantic ocean using only a lawnchair and 3 birthday balloons on my 6th birthday? You see, one of the balloons popped and I fell in the ocean and got wet!! Ha ha ha ha ha. I got wet. Ha ha ha ha ha.

It’s a joke people. Lighten up. Get a sense of humor. You are allowed to lie in your jokes. Damn, we lefties have zero sense of humor. None.

The reality of the situation is as embarassing as Steven wishes it wasn’t. Ken Blackwell not only lies to gain political favor (and a laugh or two), he switches political party affiliation and stances on policy issues with the wind. Literally with the wind. Whichever way he and his advisors think the wind might be blowing, Krazy Kenny will go that way – to gain political power. Period. I expect very shortly that Krazy Kenny Blackwell will become an IndyCon(tm) – hell he’d be a great candidate to start such party. He was a “Charterite” afterall – and like indycon – nobody knew wtf that was either.

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